Wire Mesh


    Steel wire mesh, S220 steel cold-drawn and nervürlenerek manufactured by the method of high strength concrete used in construction and mainly steel.


DIN 488, TSE 4559 and other international standards


Rod diameter: 4,5-11.0

Rod Surface:  Ribbed

Standard steel matting the 2, 15 m x length 5, 00 m (15 x 15) range and varying diameters. However, according to the customer's desire and the project of steel hasırda steel hasırlarla variable diameters different process, size and production facilities are also available.   

  Packaging:  Depending on the type of steel mesh 50 and 75 connecting wires, firmly packed with layers.   


· Reinforced concrete structures, tabliyelerinde,

· Kirişsiz flooring,

· Ribbed floors,

· Normal b. a plaques,

· Munferid and radio foundations,

· Curtain and retaining walls,

· Concrete runway,

· Auto route and concretes in the field,

· Metro and tunnel construction,

· Water structures; the dam, Canal and kanaletlerde,

· Prefabricated building elements,

· Various constructions, industrial buildings

· Suspended ceilings,

· Garden fence and railing, etc.

Mechanical Properties:

Minimum yield limit: 500/N mm2

Minimum Tensile Strength: 500/N mm2

Minimum Elongation: 5-8%

Node points of cutting resistance: S = 0.30 x As x v. 0.2

Raw material: SAE 1006-1008-1010 quality wire rod is used.