Prepare Iron


The Wounds Of The Iron Ready To Use


Inventory field and iron processing eliminates the problem of the search for an end to constitute the area of the pitch. Especially in the city constitute the noise and minimize environmental pollution.


Labor and worker drain savings; ready-to-use of iron workmanship costs at least 50% savings. Invoice of the contents of the stirrup, the miter, pilye, skinny, boy cut as well and specifying construction firms with those bills cost accounts work their voluntary provides.


Save time; construction sites because of adverse weather conditions exist in the production that brought the iron factories ready in time ready to be delivered to the desired time within the construction area.


Funding of savings; provides up to iron and construction need areas prevents unnecessary inventory financing costs and minimizes potential interference.


Optimized production; each diameter and height, the desired size without any loss of production and the economy of the country as well as the construction costs of raw materials and energy saving.


Project eligibility; construction projects the specified reinforcement and bending-cutting detail 100% compliance and provides a guarantee of standard 135 degrees twist.


Earthquake regulations compliance; TSE-708? de twist by using appropriate mandrel bend radius in the diameters specified in the process.


Error-free manufacturing; precision automatic machines providing manufacturing and full eligibility criteria specified in barcode reading system using computer-controlled label program the desired equipment posed no, genus, pieces, sizes and types of project drawings and measurements provides the convenience of use and specifying the installation on the label.


    Complete manufacturing; projects, in the manner permitted by the prepared construction steels (stirrup, miter, pilye, skinny, boy cut) provides control over the use of the complete construction of all indirectly.