From the Latin ' ferrum iron, symbol of the Earth's crust the most abundant metal. Earth's core is an iron-nickel alloy. Other elements can easily be found in iron, due to the nature of compound reacted. In the most common of all metals and has been of great importance throughout the history, too.

    In ancient times they have almost every society somewhere reputable blacksmiths. This is also reflected in the mythology of the peoples. For example, according to the tradition, the ancestor of the first rubies were the first rubies were Elliei he helped build this city. Siberian peoples also has a high social position and a lot of blacksmiths blacksmith custom is protected by the spirits. Shaman work clothes iron Dave and Daniel had evil spirits said to be beating. The epic poems of the Mongol tribes, and also among Turks, David (Michelle); ' Hero ' and ' alone was used in the sense of ' warriors on horseback.

    Iron and iron scampering about the victory of the pioneer of the so-called "father of the steel industry", John Wilkinson (1782-1808). Many of the tools and techniques of mining owes him. Rolling machine in one of the named Word Bruler in 1552, Nurenberg invented; two centuries later, the French Chapitet, metal corrugated two cylinder from passing "profile" (U, T or angle etc.) made of iron. Using this field has expanded so that degree, the Wilkinson home for boys, XIX. on the threshold of the century architects, engineers and machine makers in appropriate length and every need Lube plate able to snatch.

    Turkey is the world's largest exporter of rebar. Turkey, Ukraine and Spain in 2010 are listed as the world's main countries in the export of rebar. Our rebar exports 27.9% share of world exports of the product carries out more than one-fourth of the known.