The main business of MDÇ Iron Industry and Trade Limited Company, stable growth and strong global brands to create an international platform, in the consciousness of our responsibilities is to increase profitability and productivity of all business units.

    MDÇ Iron Industry and Trade Limited Company:

    More than thirty years of experience, knowledge and experience in the iron and steel industry, which has kurulmuştur.İş 2004 by Mr.EROĞLU ethics, experience, and has been a trusted brand in the industry with the principles of fair trade.

    Our company is the leading manufacturer of iron and steel production companies in the country (İÇDAŞ, Izmir Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. Habas Iron Co., Ltd., etc.) certified building bought and iron rods of the'' standard'' as the marketing and sale of iron is ready for cutting measure. 


    Our staffers are owners of MDÇ, with this conscious, individual success is the success of all of us.Being MDÇ family, protect our image in public is our main target.

    MDÇ works according to the superior business ethics and principles of honest work.And also, MDÇ works with the principle of being true to the ethics and the law on the purpose of being fair in its all relations and ensuring mutual benefit.

    MDÇ believes that create a workplace with cooperation and solidarity is the one way to provide continuance of MDÇ.

    MDÇ; adopting human resources management in 'world class'; is the lead community which everybody wants to in it prides.

    Create value for costumers with our employees and serving to their expectations accordin to the universal quality and standards.

    The quality of our products and services begins with the quality of our employees.





    Our company is changing technology and customer needs, customer satisfaction principle as a principle of fundamental. Iron companies in the steel industry by finding innovative solutions to make life easier for consumers to comply with the terms of the day the main vision is to become a modern company. Reason for the existence of our company and for our customers, our mission is to define what values are produced, providing customer-focused solutions to our customers all the time and everywhere, fast, high-quality, affordable services to offer. Company wants to build our vision of the future and the company aims to reach the point representing the iron and steel industry and our customers into the future that comes to mind is the right address. What makes our company unique cultural characteristics that define the character representing the beliefs and values of our company, Customer Focused to be, to be trusted, to be innovative, and to be responsible for us to be self-sacrificing.