The company's quality policy is founded on the following basic principles. Our business and brands is our passion. MDÇ Iron industry and trade Limited Company as our values:

*Each region we operate respecting the social, political and cultural values,

*Laws, according to the rules of ethics and transparency Act,

*Create value by keeping at the forefront of creativity, innovation,

*Awareness of Consumer protection and to give importance to, the integration with the customer to the forefront,

*Strategic decision-making process in the best interests of shareholders, employees, consumers and business partners with a long-term approach to balance the short term approach,

*Qualified human resources and corporate governance policies are integrated with the organizational structure of the competition to increase with each passing day, the power to

*Environmental, social and economic perspectives to contribute to creating a better tomorrow than today.

With the participation of all our employees is to be an open business developments, Customer focus and continuity of this work,

-Hot rolled steel, and the quality of our service will provide the stability and maximize competition.

-MDÇ IRON in the future to ensure a successful quality management system continuous improvement and the highest level of the development effort.



MDÇ Das "Self-managing Teams" and "Business Excellence" has been successfully executed, MDÇ Das Quality documents;